Prize-giving ceremony Featured

To recognise the achievements of our students and inspire others to excel, our college reserves the last school day for a student achievement prize-giving ceremony. Mr Kelvin Lee, the Chairperson of PTA, Ms Lusan Hung, the Chairlady of our Alumnae Association, Sr Agnes, Sr veronica, Ms Lam Mei Yi, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Priscilla Kwok presented prizes to students with distinguished performance.

On this special occasion, Sr Agnes, our School Superviser, addressed the school with the theme of this year, Learning with Passion ; Living with Integrity.  On the notion of passion for learning, Sr Agnes reminds us that the passion is not just about a spark but a quest for knowledge and a drive to grow. She encourages us to nurture a genuine sense of curiosity, an open mind to new experiences, a readiness to undertake discovery and an ambition not to conform but to develop what is yet untapped. On another notion of integrity, our School Superviser underlines the importance of telling the truth and let every area of our life be governed by the Truth. She explains that integrity is about consistency: whether our private life is consistent with our public life. She enlightens us that humility allows us to face who we really are and gives us courage to admit our problems and learn from our mistakes. To be a person of integrity is further about inter-personal relationships: whether we treat people with equity. 

On this prize-giving ceremony, we have a total of 600 prizes to be presented to our students. There are a good range of honours: scholarships, awards for academic achievements, character development, school services, external scholarships and awards, trophies for good performance in language arts and drama, dance, music, visual art, sports, STEM, and business and entrepreneurship. Hopefully, these tangible awards will serve as an expression of approval and motivate more students to follow suit.