Summer Bridging Course 2018 Featured

Stepping onto a new school campus with all manner of questions in head, one is often hit by the stress of adjusting to new surroundings. To help our pre-S1 students get started, a ten-day bridging course was tailor- made to let students have a taste of what it is like to study at Sacred Heart, an all-English environment that enables students to develop as well-rounded individuals.


From campus tour to lessons on Science, Life and Society, Drama and many more, students explored new topics through discussions and interactive games in class. The teachers from an English learning centre equipped them with practical skills in English and helped them get used to the use of English in lessons.

On the last day of the programme, students performed their drama on stage. Each class had to rewrite the story of the Greek myth, A Little Errand Girl’s New Dress, based on a theme. There were four themes altogether: Modern Hong Kong, Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Futuristic. The perks of winning prizes aside, students left their comfort zone and forged stronger ties with one another, from script-writing to practising with their tutors on the delivery of their pieces. The spark, vitality and the excellent display of team spirit in their performance surely marked a wonderful end to the orientation.

We wish our S1 newcomers every success in the future!