Yen Ming Deh Prize 2019-2020


Yen Ming Deh Prize, sponsored by Dr Adeline Mah, is a competition aiming to foster students’ creativity in writing and increase their exposure to cultural and historical topics through self-initiated projects.

S3-S6 students with an interested in different cultural topics, such as arts and heritage, gender studies, cultural encounters, are encouraged to conduct a subject-based research independently. The self-initiated project must include personal involvement and the writing can be in Chinese or English. Please read the attachments for details and the winning entry of the previous year.

Application forms are available at the School General Office. Applications must be submitted to the Office by 3rd April 2020, with the application form and photocopies of the writing attached.

For enquiries, approach your subject teacher or teachers-in-charge of different teams. You may also contact Miss Irene Yung.