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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 13:59 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English)


72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English)

Please go to and look at the syllabus to see which competition you would like to enter.

Note down the area code and class number (e.g. U57, N8 etc.), the fee and the title and page numbers of the pieces. For non-open classes, you should choose Area Code U instead of E, K or Y.

You can then go to the library to look at the pieces. All books are on display at the entrance.

Fill in the appropriate entry forms (Solo Entry / Duo Entry / Own Choice Form). Then hand it in along with the correct fees (in cash) to Ms Winnie Law / Miss Jacqueline Au / Ms Joey Wong between 15:30 and 16:30 on 11 September 2020 (Friday) in classroom of 1E.

Please print clearly when you fill in the forms, ensuring the spelling of your name is accurate, and is the same as your HKID. Any amendment will cost you a penalty fee.

If you are joining Classes N195, N196, N212-213, N216-218, you must also submit your Own Choice Form to Ms Winnie Law on or before 9 October 2020 (Friday). For Classes N212-213 and N216-218, please attach the full text or script along with the Own Choice Form.

For enquiry, please contact your English teacher or Ms Winnie Law.