Anniversary Dance Show, Callings of the Heart - Heartiest Movement Featured



On 28 November, the distinguished alumna, Dr. Elsie Leung, Deputy Director of the Basic Law Committee of HKSAR, Sr. Marie Remedios, the Vice- Provincial Superior of Canossian Missions (Hong Kong and Macau) and the Chairperson of the SHCC 150th Anniversary Project Committee, our School Supervisor, Sr. Agnes and our School Principal, Sr. Veronica attended a one-of-a-kind dance show at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The school management aside, the Chairman of SHCCAA, Ms Teresina Chan and our Artistic Director and Dance Club Consultant, Ms Luk Yun Mee spared their time to share the joy of the enthusiasts in performing arts.

The Callings was one of the fund-raising prorgammes of our College’s 150th Anniversary Development Project. Two other up-coming events include Heartstrings II, our Christmas Concert on 21 Decemeber, 2010 and Heartitude, the 150th Anniversary CD album.

Robust and refined was the interpretation. The performance was an awesome integration of performing art and sensitivity to cultural differences.  As many as 17 sets of dance, ranging from Chinese, Western, and Korean to social dance were presented in the two-hour long programme. The wide repertoire was the concerted effort of the Dance Team, Backstage Team and many an alumna.

Our College Dance Team has groomed top dancers and choreographers for decades.  It is no surprise that most dances in the evening received honours awards in Schools Dance Festival. Last summer, the Dance Team’s established recognition for originality further attracted the attention of the Shanghai Expo 2010 organising committee, making it possible for our College dancers to showcase their innovative spirit in Shanghai.

The success of the dynamic anniversary dance event would not be possible but for the unyielding support of over 150 dance enthusiasts.  These devoted volunteers came from a good range of backgrounds: primary school students, S1-S5, F6 and F7 students, and members of the Dance Club of the past 42 years.

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.  Martha Graham