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Reading Programme
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Last modified on 29 August 2018

“No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Reading Team updates

All reading-related updates can be found at Learning and Teaching/ Reading Programme at school home page.

Reading List

1. Prescribed reading list: Books on this list are essential reading to be completed within the prescribed time.

2. Recommended reading list: Books on this list are recommended by teachers and students to enrich one’s understanding of the latest developments and good reads.

Reading Period

1. Days II, IV for 25 minutes

2. Day VI

3. It is a lesson reserved for reading and sharing about what is read.

4. Each class has to set one’s own goals and rules for reading periods.

5. Each student is expected to read a book from the prescribed or recommended reading list in the lesson. Students have to seek permission from teachers if they should read some other books. Senior form students may read quality articles from the newspapers and magazines with teachers’ permission.

Promotion of Reading

1. Each class may promote reading within one’s class with noticeboard or sharing rota.

2. Students are always welcome to suggest good reads to the school through teachers.

3. Scholarships on promotion of reading for individuals are open for application in May for students from S1-2, S3-4 and S5-6.

Language Policy for Reading Period

(Secondary 1) only read books written in English (unless special permission is given)

(Secondary 2-6) read both books written in English and Chinese

(Secondary 5-6) could read quality editorial pages or academic articles

Reading record for evaluation

1. Since S1, students are responsible for keeping their own reading records. The templates can be downloaded from Learning and Teaching/ Reading Programme at home page.

2. Students are expected to evaluate how much they have read and learnt using their own reading records. They could report their achievements in reading to parents and teachers on parents’ day.

3. Students are expected to read as many prescribed books and recommended books on the school reading list as possible and recommend good reads to teachers.

4. Homeroom partners and reading period teachers could help show e-reading record to their own class and explain the use of reading record for keeping track of prescribed reading progress for self-evaluation.

5. (Download your reading record here.)

6. Homeroom partners and reading period teachers could spend reading periods on evaluation of every student’s reading progress in Cycle 9 and Cycle 19.  It is hoped that the record will serve as supporting document about a student’s incentive to read and responsibility to read prescribed reading in the reading periods.

7. Download your prescribed reading list here.

8. Download your recommended reading list here.

9. Download Teacher recommendations here.

10. Download Student recommendations here.

11. Download Wednesday sharing about books here.

School Library

1. Opening hours: Mondays – Fridays (8 am – 5 pm)

2. Students can borrow up to 3 items with their student I.D. cards.

3. The Library website has resourceful updates about events, recommendations and publications. Find out more from

Reading Enhancement Scheme

The Reading Enhancement Scheme (RES) is part of the requirements of the Sacred Heartist Award for All-round Development. Please refer to your Student Companion or school home page for further details.

Download Reading Lists of previous years

Reading List 1718

Reading List 1617

Reading list 1516

Reading list 1415

Reading list 1314

Active Reading Online Practice

Develop your reading skills with online interactive program, Active Reading.

active tense_buster
S1 -2
Reading Practice
S1 -S2
Grammar Practice

To download Tense Buster, and Active Reading , please click the respective icon and press F5.

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