College Re-opening Ceremony Featured


The Principal, Sr Veronica and Assistant Principal, Ms Priscilla Kwok’s speeches on Passionate about learning as well as Caring through respect set the tone for this academic year.

It was a red letter day for the newcomers: S1 students and teachers new to the College. A warm welcome!  New faces aside, we heard report on completion of Phase I of 150th Anniversary Project.  The second phase will resume in March with more space for workshops and student activities.  Students have started using the new classrooms on the sixth floor.  The Head Girl Core Team of previous year introduced the thoughts underpinning the design in the Student Companion.

There were a few expectations and policies announced on this formal occasion.  One of them on discipline matters. The other one was about the exemption of One Student One Post details.  The junior form students were encouraged to assume more leadership role through running student activities.

Sr Vicky marked the beginning of the academic year with thoughts on Jesus’ Words about God’s love for each and every one.  The message made us wonder how we can fulfill His calling this year with ever more respect for what we have and keenness in learning.