Forums on the Election of Student Council Executive Members & Head Prefects Featured


Followed the reports and recommendations from last year’s Student Council, candidates of this year’s Proposed Student Council cabinet, Artifex, took turn to present their plans to their voters, the students and teachers in the Hall.

During the forum, floor speakers expressed their concerns over how unity, the dream of Artifex, will be actualized, how student talents can be built, how the funds raised on Dress Casual Day will be used and how the interests of the examination classes will be accommodated.  It is an encouraging sign to see students pose questions on what the proposed Student Body has on their mind.

In the second part of the forum, the candidates from S5 racked their brains to suggest ways of maintaining effective communication in forums, in response to the commotion in the replacement mechanism forums in recent months.  Another issue addressed in the forum of Head Prefect Election was discussion on what makes a good leader.  The Head of the Discipline Team, Mr Mo, and a discipline prefect put forward the challenge for them.

The election will be conducted on Thursday in the Home Period.  Students and teachers are invited to witness the ballot counting procedures in Geography Room after school.

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