Christmas Celebration Featured


A heart-to-heart dialogue between Ms Kwok and a guest speaker from Cambodia opened our eyes. The interview shed light on expressions of love. Physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, sending handmade gifts and acts of service are five languages of love necessary for cultivating relationships. Wendy, a volunteer who spent four years with the disadvantaged children in Cambodia shared the secret of savouring flavour of life with us.

To celebrate the birth of Jesus in a Christian way, the Catholic Formation Core Team presented a thoughtful, Biblical set of slides engaging us in contemplating the connection of birth of Christ with us, personally. We have learnt enough about the fact of Jesus but are we ready to make Jesus’ unconditional love known through our contact with each other? It is a question only we can answer in 2012.

The Student Council rounded up Appreciation Week with a dragon dance. The pioneer campaign aimed at recreating respect and acknowledgment of each other’s contribution to the College.

Sr Veronica, the Principal, Miss Florence Kwok, the Vice-Principal, Ms Priscilla Kwok, the Assistant Principal, janitor staff, together with Student Council advisers, Ms Yoshie Li and Miss Mandy Cheung and the Executive Committee members performed a posh dance on stage. The act marked the climax of the Appreciation Week, in which Council members launched a series of programmes, such as, guessing games and hot pot dinner on Friday for giving warmth to every member in the College community.

In the Teacher-Student Basketball Game at noon, flocks of students and teachers assembled at the basketball court on the ground floor. Earnest spectators looked forward to their favourite teachers in their athletic gear. Wish you a merry athletic Christmas!