Inter-House Drama Competition 2011-12 Featured


Ms Shirley Tsoi, an alumna involving in 40-odd productions since her graduation from School of Journalism and Communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, adjudicated in the Inter-House Drama Competition with Mr Shee, an experienced actor from Seals Players Foundation Company, public-speaking coach and director of over 10 musicals for Eastern District Children’s Choir.

The adjudicators spent hours evaluating how effective each production was in making a point in the adaptation of a renowned scene, excerpt or play.  The producers, directors, their crew together with the actresses had racked their brain for weeks in competing for just a few titles: Best Script Award, Best Directing, Best Teamwork Award and Best Actress Award.

The accomplishment of the six Houses in drama productions this year was attributed to the unyielding effort of Drama Club Advisers, Miss Linda Yip, Miss Clara Ho and Ms Krissy Lam.  Mrs Regan’s work in drama classes in S1-2, the Stage Management Team, Campus TV, Photography Society, the janitor staff, volunteers down the road of preparation, not to mention support from Sr Veronica, our Principal.