School Reopening Mass & Installation of student leaders in office 2012-13 Featured

The raising of Canossian Daughters of Charity flag and Sacred Heart Canossian College flag marked the beginning of this year’s School Re-opening Ceremony. Sr Veronica, our Principal took the opportunity to illustrate the significant symbols on the Canossian flag. The Latin words, ‘M’ and ‘D’ are signs of Mother Mary’s humility to accept God’s providence for her and her transcendent hope in time of adversities. As a Canossian family, we are called to take after Mother Mary’s charity and humility.

In the School Reopening Mass, Rev. Dominic Chan, Vicar General, Hong Kong Diocesan Curia, gave a sermon on standing tall in the face of adversities. While expressing our thanksgiving for the abundant opportunities ahead of us at the Mass, we witnessed the commission of Catholic Society Executive Committee Members on stage.

Following the Eucharist, we celebrated the appointment of major student leaders: Head Girl Core Group, Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefects, newly elected Student Council, Salvia, House Captains and Deputies, in addition to Class Prefects from S1-6.

The Discipline Master, Student Council Teacher Advisers, House Advisers and Homeroom Teachers affirmed their leadership with a tiny badge on the tie. By doing so, the School has expressed appreciation of the youngsters’ initiative to serve in humility and lead with Sacred Heart spirit.

Stephanie Cheng, Michelle Mok and Calysta Yan form the Head Girl Core Group. Among them, Calysta was appointed the Head Girl of the year. In her address to School, the newly chosen Head Girl pronounced the significance of working out one’s dream by means of active exploration of personal interests, service and responsible communication of different viewsamong students, student leaders and school authorities.