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Green Education
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Last modified on 09 December 2014


  1. To raise students’ awareness towards environmental protection
  2. To create a student force working and speaking for the environment
  3. To liaise with different parties of the school to carry out environmental protection strategies with joint effort


A. Administration

  1. Formulate Green School Policy for all school members to follow
  2. Evaluate the strengths & the weaknesses of green practices for further improvement
  3. Use recycled papers for printing handouts & school publications
  4. Install recycling bins for paper, metal and plastic outside staff rooms and at the corridor of each floor

recycling_bins_class-300 recycling_bins_staff-300

B. Education

  1. Organize programmes such as talks, exhibitions and visits to arouse students’ awareness towards environmental protection
  2. With teachers as role models to remind students to recycle, reduce, reuse and replace in school activities like Club Promotion Day, Sports Day, school picnic, Christmas party and so on
  3. Train Green Prefects to promote green practices in classrooms & monitor cleanliness of classrooms
  4. Install solar panel to demonstrate the use of renewable resources as an alternative source of energy

Solar Panel on rooftop of the teaching block

Photo Gallery

Cleaning up the beach on Cheung Chau Island