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Other Learning Experiences & Student Learning Profile
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Last modified on 09 December 2014

Other Learning Experiences

OLE (Other Learning Experiences) refers to the programmes

- organised by the school (teaching departments / school teams / student bodies / clubs)

- co-organised by the school and an organisation outside school

- organised by an organization where school's nomination is required

All OLE activities belong to one of these components.

1. Spiritual, Moral and Civic Education (SMCE)

e.g. Prayer Meeting, Pilgrimage, Adventure-based Camp, Guidance Sisters' Camp, Visit to Legislative Council, Activity on fair trade, Conference on globalisation

2. Community Service (CS)

e.g. Flag Selling, Charity Bazaar, Tutorial classes to primary school students, Visit to the elderly or the needy, China Service Project

3. Career-related Experiences (CRE)

e.g Accountant Ambassadors Programme, Company Programme, Interviewing Skill Workshop, Career Talk

4. Aesthetic Development (AD)

e.g. Trip on music enrichment, Interclass Dance Competition, School Choral / Instrumental Training Programme, Interhouse Art Competition, Video Conference on Costume Design, Hong Kong Speech / Dance / Music Festivals, Film Dubbing Competition, Video-making Course

5. Physical Development (PD)

e.g. Athletics Meet / Swimming Gala, School Teams Training Programme, Interschool Athletics Championship, Interschool Basketball Competition, HK Outward Bound Programme (F6 Extended Learning Week), Hiking Programme

Performance / Awards and Key Participation Outside School

Performance / Awards and Key Participation Outside School refer to programmes not organised by the school or by any organisation where school's nomination is required.

e.g. Ballet course organised by J.M.Wong School of Ballet, Instrumental Music Training Scheme organised by Music Office, Japanese Course organised by HKU SPACE, Art Course organised by Hong Kong Art School, Musical Performance organised by Hong King Chinese Orchestra, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Practical Examinations, 香港舞蹈總會與北京舞蹈學院合辦中國舞等級考試課程,Cultural Exchange Programmes organised by British Council, Voluntary work organised by Caritas

No verification of documents is required. Student should provide evidence upon request.

Student Learning Profile

SLP (Student Learning Profile) is a summary presentation of what a student achieves and participates, in terms of their whole person development during the senior secondary years.Note 1 It includes the following parts:

A. Academic performance, ECA and CCA, Awards and Scholarships

B. OLE components

C. Performance / Awards and Key Participation Outside School

D. Self - Account

It is the students' responsibility to keep record of their OLE participations and Key Participations Outside School. They can make use of the form printed on their companions for record keeping Note 2. The school also keeps records of OLE participation of all students and regularly uploads the records to the School Intranet for reference. Students will be asked to highlight any impressive learning experiences and reflect on their on-going experiences when they reach S6 in their Self-Account.



Note 1: Student Learning Profile - Introduction

Note 2: For keeping records of their participation outside school, students may also make use of the template file which is available in the School Intranet (eClass)