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School Song
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Last modified on 08 December 2014

You may download the school song here: MP3


In voices strong we sing together
United in the Sacred Heart 
Enduring union that asunder 
No pow'r of earth should ever part.


Come let us form our spirit gay and strong. 
For life is great, a gift of beauty rare, 
A wondrous way of winsome grace for us 
To make us joyous, virtuous, nobly fair.


With books and comrades true we pass 
Our happy days of sinless joy; 
We'll ever keep in the morass. 
Of life their mem'ry unalloyed. (Refrain)


Our dearest School gives guidance due 
To virtue real and wisdom kind. 
That both together go to hew 
A perfect character and mind. (Refrain)


In friendship true, in mutual love 
Our common end let us attain: 
Of Sacred Heart School worthy prove 
In all the trials, in every strain. (Refrain)