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Application for Transcript and Letter of Recommendation
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Application for student official documents

1. Before applying for any student official documents, please refer to the school webpage for the most updated information.

2. Please fill in the google form on the school webpage for application.
Attach proof of institution(s) requesting documents required.

3. Within the same academic year, a student can only submit their application for student official documents once and request(s) for information/ data updates should not be entertained.

4. Please allow 20 working days for processing of student official documents. Kindly take note of long holidays when teaching staff is on leave and the application process could be suspended.


S1-S5 students

1. Report cards serve as transcripts and proofs to all schools/ institutions regarding the student’s academic abilities and personal attributes. The school will verify the report cards to assist respective applications.

S6 students

1. Before S6 students receive their SLP, the school will verify the student’s S5 Annual Report cards as transcripts for applications to universities/ institutions.

2. After S6 students receive their SLP, students should use SLP as official transcripts to assist their applications to other institutions.

Predicted Grades (for applications to universities)

1. All predicted grades are final and no student can appeal for adjustment of predicted grades.

2. Students are recommended to apply for predicted grades by the end of November.

Recommendation letters

1. A recommendation letter is generally written by the current or last homeroom teacher during the student’s studies at SHCC, unless otherwise required by the institutions.

For enquiries, please approach Miss Bobo Lau at the office and Miss Linda Yip for details.