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Reading Programme
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Last modified on 07 February 2018

“No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Reading List

1.  Prescribed Reading List: Books on this list are essential reading to be completed within the prescribed time.
2.  Recommended Reading List: Books on this list are recommended by teachers to fulfil one’s sense of curiosity and answer questions about what is heard and learnt in school

Reading List (download)
Ebooks Reading List (download)
E-reading Record

Reading Period

1. Days II, IV for half an hour
2. Day VI for an hour
3. Put down titles of book planned to be read in the reading period in the reading record page of your Student Companion
4. Evaluate your own reading progress
5. In September, each class must start putting down clear rules to observe in the reading period and each student plans titles to read
6. Each student helps create an atmosphere conducive to reading
Each student takes turn to share what is worth reading in class
If possible, each class can create ways to promote reading within one’s class

Language Policy for Reading Period

1. Secondary 1 should only read books written in English.
2. Secondary 2-6 should balance reading in English and Chinese.
3. Secondary 5-6 could read editorial pages or quality periodicals for enhancing one’s social awareness and cultivate an enquiring mind

Reading and Evaluation

1. Since S1, students are expected to be responsible for keeping a complete Reading Record in their own Student Companion
2. Students are expected to reflect on one’s own reading experience and evaluate how well one has spent time on reading and how much one has learnt
3. Students are expected to read as many prescribed books and recommended books on the school reading list as possible

School Library

1. Opening hours: Mondays – Fridays (8 am – 5:30 pm)
2. Students can borrow up to 3 items with their student I.D. cards
3. An up-to-date collection of books, fiction / non-fiction materials are available
4. Quality Reading Journal entries and theme-based/ department-based

display of books all-year-round

Reading Journal (download)


Reading Enhancement Scheme

The Reading Enhancement Scheme (RES) is part of the requirements of the Sacred Heartist Award for All-round Development. Please refer to your Student Companion and school homepage for further details.


Active Reading Online Practice

Develop your reading skills with online interactive program, Active Reading.

active tense_buster
S1 -2
Reading Practice
S1 -S2
Grammar Practice

To download Tense Buster, and Active Reading , please click the respective icon and press F5.

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