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School Goals
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Last modified on 01 September 2016

A Sacred Heartist will set the following goals:

A. As an individual

  1. Master the basic learning skills.
  2. Possess the knowledge needed for living and working in society.
  3. Develop the ability to think creatively, solve problems and reason independently.
  4. Communicate effectively in both English and Chinese.
  5. Develop special interests and abilities through co-curricular activities.
  6. Learn to recognise true moral values and practise appropriate conduct with a sense of personal worth and dignity.
  7. Develop the ability to think and act honestly, courageously and responsibly.
  8. Improve in all aspects of learning and develop a sense of pride in personal effort.
  9. Appreciate natural beauty as well as aesthetic qualities in art, music, literature, dance and other forms.
  10. Develop creative self-expression in arts and humanities.
  11. Understand the need for good physical and mental health and develop healthy attitudes and practices.

B. As a member of a community

  1. Cultivate love and respect for the less-fortunate through active service in the community.
  2. Acquire knowledge of and respect for our own and other cultures.
  3. Understand the value of the natural environment and human resources and the need to protect them.
  4. Understand and appreciate the responsibility of a citizen in a democratic society.
  5. Embrace individual difference.