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Reading Enhancement Scheme
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The Reading Enhancement Scheme (RES) is part of the requirements of the Sacred Heartist Award for All-round Development.  Please refer to Reading Team Google site or school home page for further details.

The RES is an extensive reading scheme.  It aims to promote reading consistently for exploration of topics of personal interest.  The two essays to be included in the folder for this reading scheme should demonstrate different thinking skills e.g. discussion, comparison, analysis, evaluation, review and originality.  The essays must be written about topics you have extensively read and thought about since September. At the end of each essay, there must be a clear reference list from which ideas in the essays are discussed. One of the essays must be written in English.

RES Requirements



Number of word per essay

Number of essay


10 pieces

250 words or above

One in Chinese and another in English


10 pieces

400 words or above

One in Chinese and another in English


20 pieces

600 words or above

One in Chinese and another in English


Certificate and book vouchers

How can I apply for the RES Award?

1. Download the RES application form from Information at Home page and complete all details of the form. 
Collect signatures before the deadline: Foundress Week.

2. Submit the completed RES application form with the two essays and articles in a folder for the approval of Award Team.
If necessary, submit a duplicate copy of your RES Certificate(s) received the previous years.

3. Drop your file in the collection box at the office in the Foundress Week.

4. A maximum of 5 signatures will be given per teacher per month. 
Therefore, please look for your subject teachers in the end of the First Term and in March. 
DO NOT go after your subject teachers in the Foundress Week.

What is RES quality coursework?

Excellent reading-related assignments completed throughout the school year. For example, online reading reviews, book reviews involving plenty of reading, lab report with a reading list. Reports on video and film are not acceptable.

The record on the application form must prove an ability to read in both Chinese and English.

What do we expect from RES essays?